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Reviews and Awards

"A first-rate performer"

-Hollywood Reporter

"Davis gives songs a life of their own spellbinding tunes with a sense of real drama and a smoky voice that adds to the songs poignancy."

"A compelling after-hours divertissment one enchanted little evening."

"..With Davis and Ames it's as simple as black and white: she sings on an empty stage while he accompanies her, delicately tuned to one another."

-Palm Beach Post

"Davis is a winning performer. She's got vibrant energy, and an ability to slide from the happy burlesque of Flanders and Swann, to the sentiments of Jaques Brel and into the bitter satire of Weill-Brecht without missing a beat."

-Minneapolis Tribune

"Mr. Ames and Ms. Davis romp through songs that highlight the delightful voice and piano combination of this duo..a pure form of entertainment."

-Palm Beach Daily

"Davis delivers strong, well-defined characterizations and impressive vocal styling."

"A consistently intimate performance warm, honest and knowledgable."

-The Capitol Times

"Lisa Davis could charm the pants off of Jerry Falwell. Not that she would want to."

"an entertainment full of grace, warmth and a pleasing silliness. "

"There is a humane intelligence informing Ms. Davis' show. She is special as is her accompanist Craig Ames."

-The Isthmus